Thursday, April 1, 2010

Colors, Clippers, Flowers, and Frill-Cabinet Hardware for Kids

For those of you who have children, decorating their bedrooms can be a lot fun. A kids room is an area where you don't have to worry about things flowing with the rest of the house. You can be creative, bold, and fun. You can go with a theme or if your kids have outgrown a themed room there's bright color choices, and neat shapes that still make a statement.

For little girls, we've got a collection of knobs and pulls by Vicki Lane that are ballerina slippers and hearts. This collection is sickeningly sweet, they look like they could be marzipan cake toppers. Vicki Lane hand molds all of her designs out of clay and then they're made into cast resin pieces.
Vicki Lane Ballerina Slippers

If your little girl is not so little anymore, but you still want a "pretty" design, Altas Homewares makes a collection called Le Fleur. Even though I don't consider myself to be particularly girly, I can appreciate pretty flowers. Besides, I'm a sucker for anything french. Atlas chose a perfect color combination of white, coral, and teal green.
Atlas Homewares Flower Knobs

I don't know what it is, but regardless of age there's something about sparkles that us girls like. Cal Crystal has an entire line of crystal cabinet knobs that comes in various shapes and colors. They glimmer, they shine, and yes they're sparkly.
Crystal Cabinet Knobs by Cal Crystal

For those of you who have a boys room to decorate, you know there's just not as much stuff out there to work with. You've got cars & trucks, sports, animals, and that's about it. Emenee makes a couple of collections that are really cool. They have you're typical sports collection, but they include things like a golf tee that you don't normally see. They also have a collection called workshop. This is my favorite collection by them. The workshop collection are replicas of real tools like pliers, a hammer, a trowel, and a wrench. These come in a silver finish, so they match almost any color scheme and the detail is amazing.
Emenee Sports Knobs

Emenee Tools Knobs

Another collection for a boys room is Altas Homewares Bon Voyage. This collection could actually be in either a boys or a girls room but a lot of little boys are interested in landmarks, maps, and traveling. The Bon Voyage collection features a major landmark from Rome, Paris, New York, and London. Perhaps, they'll inspire your little one to become a world traveler.
Atlas Travel Theme Knobs

Since I covered both girls and boys separately, I'll share a few collections that could be used interchangeably. Simply put, they're just fun! If you don't have a specific theme, and want something bright these definitely fit the bill. First up, the Swirls knobs by Artisan Knobs. They're ceramic knobs with a swirl shape carved into the top. They come in all kinds of bright yummy colors like blueberry, black cherry, coconut, green apple, mango, get the idea.
Artisan Swirl Color Knobs

I saved my favorite until the end. The Altas Homewares Indochine Beauties collection. I really want an excuse to be able to use some of these somewhere in my house. I love bright colors and modern design. These two elements are wrapped into one perfect package in the Indochine collection. Again, in the right setting or on the right piece of furniture these would go great in either a boys or a girls room.
Atlas Homewares Indochine Collection

Whether you're in nesting mode, or remodel mode, or your kids outgrowing their nurseries there's tons of fun hardware on the market to make their room reflect their personality.

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