Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Hip To Be Square

Everyone has a preference in terms of style. Some people like dark finishes, some like shiny, some like light colors. Personally, I'm drawn to most things that are square, or angular. I like clean straight lines. Based on my Mid Century Modern post, you've got the idea of what I prefer. To be honest, it's not so easy to write an entire blog post about a style or theme that you don't really care for.

I've compiled a grouping of some really neat square items that we carry. They're not all modern (see I can step out of my modern box). Most yes, but there's some craftsman, rustic, and traditional in here too.

Square Shaped Hardware

In order of appearance from top left to bottom right:

Emtek Square Doorknob
Waterwood Stainless Doorbell Button
Top Knobs Nouveau Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Acrylic Cabinet Knob
Top Knobs Sanctuary Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Cabinet Knob
Linnea Stainless Handrail Bracket
Waterwood Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Mission House Numbers
Amerock Markham Bath Hardware
Gado Gado Cabinet Knob
Linnea Door Stop & Holder

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream On!

Winter in Spokane is not pretty....It snows a lot, everything is dead, the snow melts and everything is drab and dirty. This winter we didn't get a ton of snow, but it got cold! Just last week we were in the single digits for the entire week. For me it just gets old. It's wet and inconvenient, not to mention my winter wardrobe is not nearly as exciting as my summer wardrobe. In general it's just kind of depressing.

I woke up this morning and thought, "I want to be someplace warm, tropical. Sunny skies, sandy beaches, drink in hand." I can't be there in body but dang it, I'll be there in spirit. So, we can all share a little paradise.
Four Seasons Resort Nevis

(Photo Courtesy Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis, West Indies)

Just a minute, I'm taking in the scene........
Ready. Some of us aren't fortunate enough to call a place like this home, but you can still bring some tropical elements into your house with cabinet hardware that have tropical themes. There's also bath hardware and door hardware that have tropical elements, but I think cabinet hardware is a subtle enough touch.

Nautical Themed Cabinet Hardware

Top Row-left to right:
Atlas Homewares Mermaid Knob
Belwith Shell Knob
Belwith Shell Pull
Bright&Thorpe Octopus Pull
Middle Row-left to right:
Bright&Thorpe Sea Turtle Knob
Modern Objects Sea Urchin Knob
Schaub Symphony Crab Pull
Notting Hill Anchor Knob
Bottom Row-left to right:
Notting Hill Lighthouse Knob
Modern Objects Seahorse Knob
Sierra Lifestyle Dolphin Pull
Sierra Lifestyle Pelican Knob

Just because I'm feeling festive, I'll go all out and get right into the tropical vacation mindset. How about a Martini glass and shaker?

Martini Glass Cabinet KnobShaker Cabinet Knob

A little taste of paradise for your Thursday, it's not even close to the real deal but it's all I've got. Summer is right around the corner, Erica......

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