Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Door Hardware Installers

How do you tell someone that the person they've hired to install their hardware doesn't know what they're doing? It's a fine line to tread and trust me, it's not fun. I am certain there are very skilled woodworkers, and contractors, and locksmiths in the world but the thing is, they've typically got a specialty. Yes, a general contractor has the know how to install a common lock, but are they doing it correctly? I can't even count how many times I've had a phone call about a lock being defective and it is a simple installation issue.

While surfing the web for a particular part for a deadbolt, I came across a blog for a locksmith in Florida. There are only eight blog posts, but man what a plethora of information! I read every single one of them. Jeff Gater apparently has been a locksmith for about 35 years, and based on his knowledge you can tell. I don't typically endorse websites or people that I personally haven't been in contact with but if I were in need of a locksmith, this would be the man for my job.

Having sold door locks for over a decade myself, I'm pretty familiar with their inner workings. Having to troubleshoot and step through the installation process while over the phone has taught me to get familiar with the way they operate. I still learned something today while reading his blog. Do yourself a favor and go read up on what makes deadbolts "secure" and how to properly install a strike plate. And, if you're in Florida and in need of a good locksmith, give Jeff a call.

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