Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Thanksgiving Craft

When I started working at Spokane Hardware Supply in 2001, I don't think I anticipated being here almost 11 years later. I don't know why exactly, but I suppose the prospect of being a "Hardware Lifer" just isn't that glamorous. Over time, I really have grown to love this business. I get excited about new hardware. I look at finishes on everything. Not intentionally, it just kinda happens. Who knew?! The majority of my coworkers have been here for 10 plus years. That's pretty remarkable.

I moved across the country, from Michigan to Washington at the ripe age of 19. I moved here with two friends, that was the extent of my social circle. Not knowing anyone, my coworkers became my friends and family. Since starting here; I have had the pleasure of becoming best friends with one of my coworkers, my mom works here, we go to each others events, I've been a part of children being born, the women of SHS go on an annual road trip together.

I am thankful to be a part of this company. Especially, when I see so many companies across the country that are closing due to the economy. I definitely don't jump out of bed everyday and say, "Hey I want to go to work!" But, knowing that I have a job to go to, and working for a company like Spokane Hardware it's like adding the Whipped Cream to the Pumpkin Pie.

We wouldn't be in business this long if it weren't for awesome employees and super awesome customers like you. Truly, from everyone at Spokane Hardware & The Hardware Hut, Thank You for being a part of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*If you'd like to purchase the adorable turkeys above, click the image. It takes you to happythoughts etsy store.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

LED Lights by Tresco

Over the years we notice trends that happen in homes. In the time that I've been doing this Oil Rubbed Bronze was a big trend in kitchens, I've seen the rise of custom panels on appliances grow into what it has, Mid Century Modern is a trend that's on the becoming popular, and LED lights in the kitchen is something relatively new but I think it'll be big in a few years.

When I think of LED lights, I usually think of commercial settings like display cases in stores, and spot lighting on signage. Task lighting in the kitchen is important and really, LED is a super smart way to go. You don't have to change light bulbs, they last forever, LED is energy efficient, and they're versatile. There are pocket lights that can be surface mounted or recessed. These can go in ceilings, in upper cabinets with glass panels, in Curio or display cabinets, you name it. We carry a line called Tresco, they make pocket lights in 1.5 watt and 3 watt and my favorite thing they make is the FlexTape. It's literally an adhesive backed roll of lights. You can put this stuff anywhere!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Alice In Wonderland

I am a lover of movies. Typically, if it's quirky or artsy...I like it. The idea of reading something and turning it into something you can watch just fascinates me. I love a good story, or excellent acting, and I even like special effects. But, my favorite thing off all is cinematography. The way a movie is filmed, the method, technique, type of camera, type of lens, lighting, these all create the "feel" of the movie.

Do you ever see an object that reminds you of something completely different? For example, a pair of shoes that remind you of a car. The two seem completely unrelated, but it might be the lines or curves, etc. I do this all the time. Yes, this is a blog about hardware, so where am I going with this? I've done this with a number of movies and hardware. It usually happens with one piece of hardware that reminds me of a movie and then I go on a hunt to find other pieces that would fit. I've got enough pieces picked out that I might do a series of these, just because they're fun.

First up on the list: Alice In Wonderland.

I chose the Tim Burton version because well, he's Tim Burton and you're bound to get some striking effects with his movies. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, here's some stills to give you an idea of the "feel."

Queen of Hearts Croquet

Alice in Wonderland

March Hare Tea Party

What kind of hardware could possibly remind me of this movie, you say?
Anne At Home Hare Knob
Acorn Heart Hook
Fusion Fluer d'Lis Faucet
Atlas Striped Pull
JVJ Twist Towel Ring
Atlas Emerald Knob
Dummy Door Strap
Hot Knobs Checkered Knob
Wrought Iron Double Hook
Emtek Art Nouveau Knob
Atlas Enamel Knob
Atlas Heart Knob

See what I mean?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

D.I.Y Hook Rails

I'm one of those types that sees something and says, "I can do that!" I love D.I.Y projects. In most cases you spend less money, and you get exactly what you want. We're in the age of the internet, literally everything is a few clicks of the mouse away. Do a search on the internet for almost any project your interested in and there's bound to be a tutorial. It's great!

I've gone to quite a few craft fairs, and over and over I see what I will call, hook boards. You know those boards that are mounted in your entry way with hooks on them for keys, hats, scarves, coats, etc. Usually, I see them made from reclaimed barn wood or old doors, and a few made from old windows which are actually pretty neat. The price for these usually is somewhere around $50. Now, I know not all of you are eager to start your own project. But, for those of you who are willing to give it a try, we've got some pretty cool hooks to make your own.

Here's a couple examples of different hook boards that I found online. Man, Google is an amazing tool! First up is a beachy, kind of shabby chic look. I like that the artist made a spot for a mason jar that you can use as a vase.

Whitewashed coat rack

(Photo Courtesy Old New Again)

This one is really cool. I'm a sucker for antiquey stuff that's been re-purposed. Bonus, this one is a tutorial. *Just click the photo.

Yardstick coat rack

(Photo Courtesy My Salvaged Treasures)

In my opinion, I saved the best for last. Obviously, this doesn't fit into all decor but it's so stinkin fun! Again, another tutorial. *Just click the photo.

Artsy coat rack

(Photo Courtesy Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama)

Are you inspired yet?
All you need is a piece of wood, some decorative moulding, a window, old yard sticks, you can pretty much use anything with a little creativity. Some tools, and of course hooks! (Which is where I come in.)

The first example above used something like this:
Ives wardrobe hook

The second example used a mix of old and new and various styles. I think something like these, would look good:
Amerock wardrobe hook

The last example actually used cabinet knobs instead of hooks. Pretty clever.
Victorian Clear Knob

For those of you who aren't so crafty or just don't have the time. There's always a pre-made hook board by Amerock. Which, yes, they're not as artsy but they definitely serve the same purpose as the ones above, and they're quite reasonably priced.
Amerock hook rail

Have any projects that you used hardware in creative ways? Share them with me at: erica@spokanehardware.com

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Friday, April 29, 2011

An Interruption To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I feel like I just need to vent a little bit, so bear with me.
We make mistakes here, everyone does. I realize that no one is perfect, and with the volume of people we interact with every day. I'd say we've had a good track record of customer relations. All in all, we've got great customers and in return we try to be the best at what we do. But.....yep, here it is, the but....

Sometimes, we've got to step up and be the "tough guy," and by that I don't think we've ever been unfair. I want to share a scenario with you. Let's say we accidentally shipped you two items when you only ordered one. We realized after the fact, and contacted you to let you know. We would normally ask you to call us when you get the package and we would arrange to pick up the extra item. This would be no cost to you. Pretty straight forward, I think. Our items are packaged in their original manufacturer boxes/bags. Each component is usually compartmentalized so that the items don't get damaged in transit. In this hypothetical situation, I know this to be the case with packaging.

Now, back to said scenario. A package arrives to us, with no return authorization. Our warehouse doesn't know where it goes, we don't know what to do with it, we track down the original order and look at the notes. We double shipped an item, but in this box are two items not one. Since we only shipped on extra, there should only be one in the box. Here's the kicker for me....the items inside the boxes were put back partially assembled, not in their individual compartments, screws loose, glass portions banged against each other and are broken. At this point, what can we do with these items? They are not resalable to anyone else, the manufacturer will not take them back, so we're not getting any money back from them. We're either stuck with two items that we have to throw away, or we have to pay to ship one of them back to the customer, or deal with a dispute with the credit card company. Here's where the "tough guy" part comes in, we now call the customer to tell them that they are due no money back, and this typically doesn't end well. We don't ever want to be, the "tough guy." I would much rather, not have to be the bearer of bad news. I would much rather have a happy, satisfied customer.

My point to this rant is that, we all need to be better consumers. I'm guilty sometimes of not asking enough questions or reading a policy and getting stuck with a shipping charge or restocking fee. I've been doing this for 10 years, and I know better. But really, it's the old rule that we were taught as kids, "treat others as you want to be treated." If you get an item and it's in perfect condition, make sure it gets back to us the same way.

I promise, the next post will be back to normal. Sometimes, you've got to vent.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Doorknob Of The Future

Soss has just introduced the Ultralatch, which is a one of a kind item. It's a door knob, lever, er...handle. What do you call this? As they say, it's the door knob of the future! What makes it so great, you ask? It's ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. With a push or pull of just a half inch you can open the door. There's no turning movement like a traditional lockset, so you can bump it open with your hip, even. It can accommodate 1 3/8" to 2" thick doors, it comes with a 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" latchbolt. The Ultralatch comes in passage, privacy, or dummy functions and a multitude of finishes.

Check out the video below to see this baby in action.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Hip To Be Square

Everyone has a preference in terms of style. Some people like dark finishes, some like shiny, some like light colors. Personally, I'm drawn to most things that are square, or angular. I like clean straight lines. Based on my Mid Century Modern post, you've got the idea of what I prefer. To be honest, it's not so easy to write an entire blog post about a style or theme that you don't really care for.

I've compiled a grouping of some really neat square items that we carry. They're not all modern (see I can step out of my modern box). Most yes, but there's some craftsman, rustic, and traditional in here too.

Square Shaped Hardware

In order of appearance from top left to bottom right:

Emtek Square Doorknob
Waterwood Stainless Doorbell Button
Top Knobs Nouveau Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Acrylic Cabinet Knob
Top Knobs Sanctuary Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Cabinet Knob
Linnea Stainless Handrail Bracket
Waterwood Cabinet Knob
Atlas Homewares Mission House Numbers
Amerock Markham Bath Hardware
Gado Gado Cabinet Knob
Linnea Door Stop & Holder

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream On!

Winter in Spokane is not pretty....It snows a lot, everything is dead, the snow melts and everything is drab and dirty. This winter we didn't get a ton of snow, but it got cold! Just last week we were in the single digits for the entire week. For me it just gets old. It's wet and inconvenient, not to mention my winter wardrobe is not nearly as exciting as my summer wardrobe. In general it's just kind of depressing.

I woke up this morning and thought, "I want to be someplace warm, tropical. Sunny skies, sandy beaches, drink in hand." I can't be there in body but dang it, I'll be there in spirit. So, readers....today we can all share a little paradise.
Four Seasons Resort Nevis

(Photo Courtesy Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis, West Indies)

Just a minute, I'm taking in the scene........
Ready. Some of us aren't fortunate enough to call a place like this home, but you can still bring some tropical elements into your house with cabinet hardware that have tropical themes. There's also bath hardware and door hardware that have tropical elements, but I think cabinet hardware is a subtle enough touch.

Nautical Themed Cabinet Hardware

Top Row-left to right:
Atlas Homewares Mermaid Knob
Belwith Shell Knob
Belwith Shell Pull
Bright&Thorpe Octopus Pull
Middle Row-left to right:
Bright&Thorpe Sea Turtle Knob
Modern Objects Sea Urchin Knob
Schaub Symphony Crab Pull
Notting Hill Anchor Knob
Bottom Row-left to right:
Notting Hill Lighthouse Knob
Modern Objects Seahorse Knob
Sierra Lifestyle Dolphin Pull
Sierra Lifestyle Pelican Knob

Just because I'm feeling festive, I'll go all out and get right into the tropical vacation mindset. How about a Martini glass and shaker?

Martini Glass Cabinet KnobShaker Cabinet Knob

A little taste of paradise for your Thursday, it's not even close to the real deal but it's all I've got. Summer is right around the corner, Erica......

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding A Match

Hinges can be tricky, especially European Hinges. To the untrained eye they all pretty much look the same. One specific hinge when paired up with the correct mounting plate can work for several different applications.

We make every effort to have as much information online about all of the hinges that we sell, and in the case of the concealed European hinges we've even paired up common combinations of hinges and mounting plates to make the process of finding the correct hinge easier.

Here at The Hut we can usually match up your hinge. All you have to do is call us, and we'll give you the information to mail your exiting hinge. Sometimes we can find the correct hinge based on a few emailed pictures but in some cases we need the actual hinge. We can either locate an exact replacement or a replacement that might not be exact but will still work. If we are not able to locate a replacement hinge, we'll just mail yours back to you. It's a pretty simple process, really. In some cases, we've had customers make a return on hinges that they've ordered incorrectly and include one of their hinges in the package.

Our customer service staff is open Monday through Friday 7 to 5 pacific time to answer your questions. 1-800-708-6649.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern is probably my favorite design. I love the style of houses, furniture, and decor. It's sleek, stylish, functional, and often reflects nature. Mid Century Modern is simple and bold at the same time. I'm sure most people have at least heard of Mid Century Modern, but some may not be familiar with the overall aesthetic. If you've ever seen the Disney/Pixar movie "The Incredibles" you've seen an almost perfect depiction of Mid Century Modern. Have a look at some screen shots from the movie, they've nailed the look. If you haven't seen the movie, I strongly recommend watching it. Not only is a feast for the eyes for Mid Century Modern fans, it's a great story.

Pixar's The Incredibles House

Pixar's The Incredibles Kitchen

Pixar's The Incredibles Livingroom

Good stuff huh? When I first saw this movie, I decided I wanted a house just like this. For some, you've probably grown up or lived in a house similar to this because that was the current style. So, maybe Mid Century Modern isn't such a big deal to you. I for one, am excited about it's reemergence.

Due to the rise in popularity, a number of our manufacturers have come out with items that reflect this era. Emtek is one brand that has introduced an entire collection called "Mid Century Modern."

Emtek Mid Century Modern Cabinet Hardware

They've also got some pretty cool door levers and knobs that fit the Mid Century Modern bill. Below is the Bern knob:
Emtek Bern Knobset
Or how about the Hermes lever:
Emtek Hermes Leverset

Really, you should go check out the rest of the Emtek Mid Century Modern cabinet hardware collection. There are some real gems that are not shown in the picture above.

Speaking of gems, look at the design on these house numbers. Both Atlas Homewares and House Art make some incredible house numbers but the design on these two are again, the epitome of Mid Century Modern.

Atlas Homewares Number Five
Atlas Homewares Number Six
House Art Number Five
House Art Number Six

I've shared my favorite design/style. How about you?

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