Thursday, November 10, 2011

LED Lights by Tresco

Over the years we notice trends that happen in homes. In the time that I've been doing this Oil Rubbed Bronze was a big trend in kitchens, I've seen the rise of custom panels on appliances grow into what it has, Mid Century Modern is a trend that's on the becoming popular, and LED lights in the kitchen is something relatively new but I think it'll be big in a few years.

When I think of LED lights, I usually think of commercial settings like display cases in stores, and spot lighting on signage. Task lighting in the kitchen is important and really, LED is a super smart way to go. You don't have to change light bulbs, they last forever, LED is energy efficient, and they're versatile. There are pocket lights that can be surface mounted or recessed. These can go in ceilings, in upper cabinets with glass panels, in Curio or display cabinets, you name it. We carry a line called Tresco, they make pocket lights in 1.5 watt and 3 watt and my favorite thing they make is the FlexTape. It's literally an adhesive backed roll of lights. You can put this stuff anywhere!

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  1. Not to mention the additional savings you’ll get from lessening the load on the AC (over 95% of an incandescent energy consumption is wasted as heat). LED Concepts Lighting