Friday, April 24, 2009

It's All About Personal Preference

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get at The Hardware Hut is “Do I put knobs or pulls on my cabinets?” The answer in short, is whatever you want.

Cabinet Knobs from the Hardware HutThere really is no correct answer for choosing knobs versus pulls, or even where to place them on the cabinet. We’ve seen customers put knobs on doors and pulls on drawers, or pulls on both the doors and drawers. It really just comes down to personal preference. For example, in my kitchen I have the same pull on all of my drawers and my doors.

There are some things to consider before making your choices. If you have existing holes in your cabinetry and you are replacing your hardware then your options will be limited by the holes that are already there. If the previous homeowner had pulls on their doors, you will need to measure the distance between the two screw holes and choose a pull with the same hole spacing. You could fill in the old holes and drill new ones, but for a quick update to your kitchen it’s easier to stick with the same hole spacing.

Cabinet knobs only take one screw so if you are replacing existing hardware, you don’t have to consider the hole spacing and you’ve got a much bigger range of choices to select from. Also, cabinet knob installation is easier than pulls.

Cabinet pulls are of course larger than knobs, so they tend to feel more comfortable to grip and they can help facilitate opening a heavier drawer since they are anchored with two screws.

Cabinet Pulls from the Hardware HutMy favorite thing to say in hardware is “There is no standard.” Cabinet knob and pull placement just happens to be a perfect example of that. On the other hand, when flipping through kitchen and bath magazines I do frequently see, knobs on doors and pulls on drawers.

The bottom line- comfort and ease of use should be a priority other than that, have fun with your design. Choose something that will reflect your personality.

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  1. I think it was a really good point that knobs have 1 screw and pulls have 2. Many people want to change theirs, buy them and don't realize until they start the changeover.