Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can You Handle This?

Berenson Appliance Pull When it comes to ordering appliance handles it's hard to decide on which size to get. This is another scenario where personal preference is key. I personally contacted four major commercial/professional appliance manufacturers and asked them if they had any recommendations for sizing. I basically got the same answer from all of them, depending on which configuration you have you will want something that is proportionate. So, now that I've gotten all that help, I'm still back to our original consensus of getting what you want.

It seems that the most common sizes for refrigerator doors are anywhere from 12in. to 18in. on center. For the type of refrigerator that has a freezer drawer down below we've seen a fairly good mix of either the same size pull as on the doors or one that's slightly smaller. For ranges and dishwashers the sizing seems to range from 6in. to 12in. on center. Also, when looking for appliance pulls you will want something that has a diameter of about 3/4in to 1in. These areAmerock Appliance Pull typical dimensions for most appliance handles anyway, but it's something you should be aware of. Due to the force that it takes to pull open a commercial appliance you don't want to use a pull that's much smaller in diameter or one that is made for a regular cabinet because it just won't be strong enough to hold up over time.

Top Knobs Appliance PullAgain, these are by no means hard fast rules that you need to live by, the decision should be based on the scale of the rest of the hardware in the room and how much of the appliance you want covered by the hardware.

There are a few manufacturers that have starting coming out with various size appliance handles to match the regular cabinet handles, but there are still quite a few manufacturers who only make one or two sizes in the appliance handles.Schaub and Company Appliance Pull

Amerock, Berenson, Schaub & Company, and Top Knobs are four brands to look at that have sizes ranging from 3in. to 18in on center so you can order in complete collections.

Visit the Hardware Hut today!TIP: To get a visualization of what size would be appropriate you can cut out a piece of cardboard that's the length and width of the pulls you are considering. Tape the cardboard to the appliance and look at it for a few days, if it feels right-you know which size to go with. If not-try a different size.

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