Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey October, What's New?

I can't believe it's fall already, where does the time go? It's starting to get gloomy and cold, it's dark when we come to work and dark when we leave. Next thing you know, it'll be snowing. Towel warmers are perfect for this time of year. I've never really given towel warmers much thought before I started working here. They seem like such a frivolous item, but now that I've seen them in use I can't believe everyone doesn't own one. A warm towel or robe right after your shower when it's 30 degrees outside is one of the best feelings! Not only are they great for warming up your items, but they're good dryers for small items. If you've got children, and they've got wet socks or mittens from playing in the snow you can lay them on the warmer and they'll dry. Items that can't go in the dryer such as undergarments can dry on the warmers. Some models even help heat up a room. Amba has come out with some new styles that I just love. They're not your traditional bar type so they've got a modern look.
Amba Towel Warmers

We've also added an Oil Rubbed Bronze curved shower rod by Taymor, we've carried the satin nickel and chrome version for some time and it seems to be a fairly popular item. These are great because it gives you a little more room inside the shower without touching the curtain. You see these a lot in hotels.
Oil Rubbed Curved Shower Rod

Deltana makes a number of different door stops in pretty much every finish that's made. We added a new style to their line. This floor mounted type is easy to install, it's relatively discreet, and it comes in a variety of colors to match all types of decor.
Deltana Door Stops

As I've mentioned in a few previous posts, we've been adding items from our print catalog to our online catalog, this month we've added a ton to our Pemko selection of door shoes, door bottoms, and weatherstripping.

The last item I'll talk about is the Grass Unisoft door bumper. These are a great way to customize/upgrade your existing cabinets. They allow the door to slowly close and not slam shut. They are universal in the sense that you can use them on both a framed and frameless cabinet and the tension is adjustable so it will work on almost any cabinet door.
Mepla/Grass Unisoft

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