Thursday, November 12, 2009

EPCO Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

Stainless steel is a material that is timeless; it's durable, versatile, as well as functional. Today's kitchens all seem to feature a stainless appliance or two. Stainless steel typically is used in a modern design setting but it can be used in a traditional room as well.

Epco Bar PullEPCO (Engineered Products Company) has the largest offering of stainless steel styles in cabinet hardware that we carry. They've embraced the idea that people love the stainless look but they also want choices. The Bar pull type of handle has traditionally been what people have ordered because, for a while that was the only design choice. If you choose the bar pull design, I have seen kitchens with one length on all of the doors and drawers and I have seen kitchens where multiple lengths are used that cover almost the entire length of the door or drawer. This offering still has largest number of size options available, ranging from a 5 1/2" to a 33 3/8".

Epco Arch PullEPCO's arch pull comes in five size offerings and tends to be used in either a minimalist setting or at the opposite end of the spectrum in a traditional setting. The arch design seems to be a softer look than a straight pull does.

Epco Square Pull Square, angular shapes have also become increasing popular. The square designs are pretty much exclusive to a modern design but because they are so simple they could pass on a neat piece of furniture of a built in that wouldn't typically be considered modern. EPCO's square design comes in five different lengths as well, ranging from 5 3/8" to 14 3/16". Because these are offered in larger sizes and with the square design they definitely give the impression of being heavy duty.

EPCO offers another four Stainless Steel style choices that are shown below. They've got another style that is a combination of round bar with square posts for those of you that can't decide which look you want to go with. Whether it's round or square or both that you choose, Stainless Steel is a great choice for cabinet hardware. The material itself will last practically forever.

EPCO Stainless Steel Hardware

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  1. Great Post! I just love it because it’s very informative, and it gives a brief detail about Stainless steel hardware . These types of material are very long-lasting and versatile. You are 100% true that it is mostly used in modern design setting.