Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sassy Switchplates!

You use them every day, they come in a number of different sizes, and you don't even think about using them when you do......what are they? Outlets and switches, of course!

Here at The Hut we sell covers for these. The actual switch, or outlet, or receptacle can be purchased at a typical "big box" store. The covers are the fun part anyway. So, first of all what are these darn things called. I usually call them all "switchplates" as a general term, and some people call them wall plates.

I will break down the different configurations for you so you can familiarize yourself with the industry terms. We'll start with "Toggle" switches, these really don't go by any other name. These are the small rectangle cut out that you use on bedrooms for example.

Single Toggle Switch

Another type is called a "Rocker" or a "Decora" or a "GFI/GFCI" or a "Paddle" switch. They are called rockers because they are look like a large rectangle paddle that rocks up and down as opposed to flipping up and down. They are called GFI's because that is the technical name for the type of electrical component that goes in the rectangle cutout. As far as Decora, I'm not sure why some people call them that. I'm sure someone out there has an answer though.

Single Rocker Switch

And of course, there's the "Outlet" which is two circles that are used for plug-in items. This, very much like the toggle is pretty self explanatory.

Single Outlet

All of these configurations come in singles, doubles, triples, and sometimes quads. The pictures below depict the some of the configurations in the different sizes.

Single and Double Switchplates

Triple Switch

You can also mix and match configurations, for example a common mixed configuration would be a double toggle and an outlet on one plate.

Double Toggle Single Outlet

The next time you turn on a light or plug something in, maybe you'll have a fancy new plate. Not only do they come in plain styles, but you can get some fairly funky covers to add a little personality to your place.

Decorative Switchplate Covers

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