Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A TV Lift That's Pretty Slick!

Lots of people have flat screen TVs now; some hang them on a wall, some have an entertainment until that the TV sits on, but a lot of people like to have their TV hidden in a cabinet. Wood Technologies makes the Whisper Ride TV lift that's very affordable and fits almost every flat screen on the market. This TV lift will accommodate a TV that is 200 pounds or less and up to 50 inches. I've personally never installed one of these, but having seen it in action a number of times, it doesn't look like such a difficult task.

The TV lift comes with what is essentially a track that runs vertically on the back of the cabinet. It has a cross bar that's shaped like an "H" that mounts to the back of the television. It comes with a power supply that gets plugged in, and when you press the button on either your remote or the rocker switch it moves up and down. Mounted to the mechanism is what the manufacturer calls a "lid lifter" so that when the TV comes up the lifter hits the wood and lifts it, rather than the TV hitting the wood directly. Below is a line drawing of the lift.

Wood Technologies TV Lift

The great thing about these is that you can use an existing cabinet as long as your TV will fit inside, or you can have a cabinet custom made to fit this. I've even had a couple of people mount them upside down to drop a TV down from the ceiling. These really are pretty slick!

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  1. The thing i like most on my TV Lift is its stability and precision, the motorized TV lifts allows a close-tolerance cabinetry and outstanding repeat function.