Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Give Your Home A Face Lift

Curb Appeal is very important when it comes to your home, it's really the first impression that someone gets, whether they are coming to your house or driving by they make a judgment based on the way your house looks. Heck, curb appeal is important enough that HGTV has a whole show dedicated to it.

A fairly inexpensive way to spruce up your entry and give the outside of your house a whole new look is to change your entry hardware. For roughly $300-$500 you can literally change the entire feel of your entry way. Most entrances to homes have these items that can be easily changed. 1. An Entry Handle. 2. Door Hinges. 3. Door Knocker or Door Bell. 4. House Numbers. 5. A Mailbox or Mail Slot. Of course you don't have to have a knocker and a doorbell on the same entry and some of us have a mailbox that is on the street rather than attached to the house. With the pictures below you can at least get an idea of what items can be pulled together to get a specific look and feel.

Satin Nickel with a Modernized Retro feel:
Modern Satin Nickel Hardware

This look has become pretty popular and looks great on mid century homes and contemporary homes with angular shapes. A slight variation on this set would be to get similar items in the polished chrome finish.

Polished Brass with a Traditional flair:
Traditional Brass Hardware

The nice thing about a traditional style is that it fits a number of different home styles and you can make it as "fancy" as you want by adding more items with swirl and leaf motifs rather than something with a plain surface. Polished brass tends to be the most common finish on a traditional style but you could always get the same look in a more subdued finish like antique brass.

Oil Rubbed Bronze with an Old World charm:
Old World Oil Rubbed Hardware

Old world is a pretty general term, but it seems to have common themes such as rich dark tones like oil rubbed bronze or a bronze patina. Fixtures tend to be more chunky and substantial. Old world styles fit on houses with stone facings, and natural elements. The style fits on houses that are similar to Spanish and Colonial Revival eras.

Rustic Black with a Craftsman feel:
Rustic Black Hardware

A lot of people mistake mission style for craftsmen style. Mission is more clean straight lines, and craftsmen style is more of a general term for being of quality and "handmade." The picture above is of a combination of hand forged hardware and items that aren't necessarily handmade but are rustic because of the texture and natural appearance.

Even at $300 that can be kind of steep to shell out at once, the nice thing is you can buy pieces that compliment each other one piece at a time so that it doesn't break the bank. Adding new hardware to your entryway gives your home an updated look that's a great investment in the long run.

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