Friday, May 22, 2009

Pocket Doors Galore

When choosing pocket door hardware there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. 1. Do you want the door to lock or be non-locking. 2. Do you have a single door or double doors?

I'll start with single doors; for non locking doors you have two choices to go with. The "all in one" unit such as this model by Deltana

Passage Pocket Door Unit
this is great for homeowners because of its easy installation. This unit comes as one piece and has an edge pull built into it. Another option to go with is two flush pulls and an edge pull separately. This option is great because you can choose from various styles and sizes for a customized look. Here are some examples of flush pulls and an edge pull:

Round Flush PullDecorative Flush PullEdge Pull

On privacy or locking doors the "all in one" unit is an option as well, the difference from the passage version is that there is a turn knob on the inside of the unit and it comes with a strike plate for the jamb side of the door. This is typically used in a bathroom or sometimes a bedroom. An addition to the flush pull option above, for locking doors is the Ives 42B which would be mounted on the interior face of the door. When the button is pressed, the door cannot go back into the jamb while it's locked. Check out the 42b in action at:

Lastly, double doors…..Ah, if there were only more options to this scenario. Unfortunately, for double doors your options are limited. If you want the two doors to latch together in the middle of the opening, your choice would be the converging kit by Gruppo Romi while these locks are pricey, they are worth every penny. Included in this set you get four flush pulls a mortised lock body and two edge pulls that are built in. The Gruppo Romi double door set is heavy duty, solid brass construction, and it's a completely custom look. Here's what you'd be getting with a double door kit:
Converging Pocket Door Kit

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