Monday, June 1, 2009

Entertainment Centers

If you are building your own entertainment center or have an existing one that you want to update, we've got all the components to make a fully functional unit. It seems like most people want an armoire type cabinet, which is typically two doors that house the TV and some drawers below. For this application we have the hinges, the slides for the doors & drawers, the pull out TV swivel, and the knobs and pulls for the finishing touches.
For the cabinet portion of the unit we offer what are called pivot pocket door slides. These slides allow the doors to open and push back into the unit giving you an unobstructed view of the TV without having the doors hanging open into the room.

Pivot Pocket Door Slides

Another option would be to use some armoire hinges, which will allow the doors to open up and wrap around the frame to about 270 degrees. Again, you've got a good view of the TV and it moves the doors out of the way.
Armoire Hinges

Inside the cabinet you could use a TV swivel/slide. I like the model below because you can use your own platform to put the TV on for a custom look. There is another model available that comes with a black metal platform. The swivel slide allows you to pull the TV out of the cabinet and rotate it 180 degrees in both directions.
TV Swivel Slide

For the drawers below you can use a regular drawer slide, typical of what you see in kitchens. These come in various lengths to accommodate drawer depths, and they come in ball bearing for heaver items.
Drawer Slides

Also, for the person who's got every type of media and gadget we've got the little components to give the whole unit a finished look like grommets for the all of the wires and cables.

Media storage rails that go on the inside of the drawers for CD's and DVD's. And of course, the finishing touches the decorative knobs and pulls for the outside. This is where you can get creative and put anything you want.

In today's world it seems like everyone has a TV, DVD player, Stereo System, and some sort of Gaming System and that's a lot of stuff to be out in the open. So, if you've been planning on making an entertainment center or if you have one and just want to spruce it up check out all these neat products to pull it together.

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