Monday, June 22, 2009

Schaub's Symphony

Schaub & Company has come out with a new line of hardware over the past year called Symphony Designs. I want to mention them just because they are so beautiful. First of all, I want to say that not a single one of these pieces are in my own personal taste (I'm more of a sleek modern kinda girl) but man, these are gorgeous. They're like miniature artworks for your furniture or cabinets. And, just because something isn't my style doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty.

The pieces in the Symphony collection are made on a low volume basis by artisans, so each one is unique. They have very slight variations that make them one of a kind. They feature rare inlaid materials, and all the pieces are individually molded.

There are a few pieces I'll post as examples and of course I'll pick my personal favorites, but you should really check out the rest of the series.

Schaub and Company Pull
This piece reminds me of something out of the Art Nouveau period, for those art lovers out there the whole Heirloom Treasures collection reminds me of Alphonse Mucha. This pull is made out of solid brass that's been aged with a subtle greenwash. It has two types of Mother of Pearl, Tiger Penshell, and a giant piece of Jade inlaid in the center.

Schaub and Company Pull
This next piece is a branch pull that comes in a left and a right, and of course at 8" long you can't use a lot of them in one space, but a few would make a pretty big statement. The attention to detail in these is insane, the branches have little grooves that look like real bark, the flowers have tiny veins, and there are real black pearls, and crystals strategically placed on it. I can envision these on a big armoire or hutch.

Schaub and Company Pull
The octopus is probably my favorite, and I can't pinpoint why other than it just looks really cool. The best part about this piece is the design. The placement of the tentacles is perfect, the eyes are a different color than the body so they stand out, and under the tentacles they even made little indents for the suction things (I know-very technical).

Schaub and Company Pull
This is another one that I can't say exactly why I like it. The patina is perfect, it looks tangible and soft. This is a piece that just makes you want to touch it. Again, the attention to detail is incredible. It kind of reminds me of a piece cloth that's been rolled instead of a piece of metal. The entire French Court collection has the same soft look.

These are just a few pieces out of the 13 different collections that Schaub & Company for the Symphony Designs series. If you have a minute, you should check out the rest. They truly are magnificent.

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