Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Can We Help You?

I had mentioned in my first post that when you call The Hardware Hut you're likely to get one of the five people that answer the phones. Over the course of this blog you'll get to know me fairly well so I'll skip my personal details, but I would like to introduce you to my coworkers. The Hardware Hut is a division of Spokane Hardware Supply which is our physical store in Spokane Washington. When you call our 800 number for customer service you will get Cindi, Stephanie, Johnny, Kelly or I on the phone.

Visit the Hardware Hut today!In the world of Internet shopping there are a million more competitors than there would be for a bricks & mortar store. But, with having such knowledgeable, friendly staff I think we definitely have an edge over our competition. Prices typically play a big factor in ordering hardware for your home, as a consumer myself I never underestimate the power of "Value." For example, there is a small family owned hardware store up the street from my house. They sell paint, nuts & bolts, tools, and do equipment rentals so I'm not very knowledgeable in those types of hardware items. Every single time I go in there I am greeted with a hello and have employees sincerely ask me if they can help. They're friendly; they've known the answer to every question I've asked. They even let me borrow a tool once. I go there for every home improvement project I have instead of a big box store. Yes, they are more expensive (and really not by much) but the Value of the goods and services that I am getting far outweigh the price differences.

My point to that little story is that when you call The Hardware Hut you are getting a valuable shopping experience as well as great products at a competitive price. Each of us here brings our own strengths and knowledge to the table.

Cindi has worked at Spokane Hardware for 16 years. Cindi started working here in our showroom as a floor salesperson, she moved up to Showroom manager, and when the time came for a website Cindi was our very first customer service representative.

Stephanie has worked for Spokane Hardware for 18 years. Stephanie started here while she was in college studying to be a graphic designer; she started out here putting our print catalog together and over time took on more tasks. She has grown into our marketing manager. Not only does she still put our entire print catalog together, but she is in charge of adding new vendors to our website, making product announcements to customers, putting together promotions for our physical store & our website, and she does customer service for the Hardware Hut.

Johnny has worked for Spokane Hardware/The Hardware Hut for 7 years. Johnny was hired because of the growth of our internet business, initially Johnny's tasks were to focus on order entry and phone calls but Johnny has quickly picked up a number of tasks including being in charge of all international shipments, and helping add new products to our website.

Kelly has worked for Spokane Hardware/The Hardware Hut for 5 years. Even though she is the newest member of our customer service staff Kelly has brought years of customer service experience with her. Her experience has been in various fields, both in physical stores and online retailers.

Not only do we all answer your calls with Visit the Hardware Hut today! questions about your orders or the products that we sell, but the five of us deal with almost every aspect of our website (other than the actual building of our site.) If an order has been lost one of us will take care of it, if an order needs to be returned we'll take care of that too. We each have added products to our website, we change specifications or pricing if it needs to be done. When you call here you're not getting just another person who just takes phone calls, you're getting a person who has a very integral part of making our company run. We're like Customer Service, Accounting, Marketing, Data Entry, Shipping, Sales, and Hardware Guru's all wrapped into one. We've each played a big part in making Thehardwarehut.com what it is today.

Visit the Hardware Hut today!
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