Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey August, What's New?

Spokane Hardware CatalogThis month has been a slower than normal month for adding new items to the site, but behind the scenes we've been diligent little worker bees with our stocked items. For those of you who have not read my initial post, THH (The Hardware Hut) is part of Spokane Hardware. We have a print catalog of all of the items that are stocked in our warehouse that we are able to give to builders to take on job sites and order their stock items from. There are a number of items that are what I call "more functional and less visual", such as roller catches for cabinets, sand paper, adhesives, padlocks, etc. Our print catalog is about 400 pages with approximately 5 items per page, we are in the process of adding those items to our website. For the time being we've got the "Print Catalog" items listed in a category with very basic descriptions and a price. Little by little, we are editing the descriptions and adding images to each item and moving them from the "print catalog" category to the category that they belong in on the rest of the site. It will take some time, but we'll get it all done eventually. I mentioned the print items in last months post, but thought I should elaborate a bit.

Since I'm on the subject of items that are stocked here, some items that have been added to are commercial bathroom accessories by Bradley. These are items such as the double toilet paper roll holders, or the wall mounted soap dishes, and the sanitary dispensers for the stalls. These items are all made out of stainless steel which is typical for commercial applications because of it's durability.
Commercial Paper Holder
Commercial Paper Dispenser

Another new collection is the Schaub & Company Vinci line, they've come out with cabinet knobs & pulls as well as appliance handles made out of solid bronze. The great thing about this collection is that they are made from what is typically a rustic material but the style is more modern. My personal favorite is the Polished White Bronze finish, it's very similar in color to what a polished nickel would be but not quite as mirrored and it's got slight imperfections. This collection is very linear and clean, I think square shapes are becoming pretty popular.
Schaub & Company Vinci

And the last thing I'll share for this month is a new "component" by Lewis Dolin. Lewis Dolin has had the Bar Pull series for a number of years, these pulls come in a number of different lengths and a few finish choices. He has come up with a bracket that you can add to any of his bar pulls to make a towel bar out of it. Currently, he does not have any other bath hardware such as robe hooks or toilet paper holders, but I think the towel bar is a good idea for the kitchen. I can see one of these hanging on the end of a counter or on an island and it would be a perfect match to the rest of the pulls.
Lewis Dolin Towel Bar bracket

Lewis Dolin Towel Bar pull

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