Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's All In The Details

What is a Corbel? According to Dictionary.com a Corbel is an architecture term meaning: 1. any bracket, esp. one of brick or stone, usually of slight extent. 2. a short horizontal timber supporting a girder.
In older classical style buildings you see stone corbels a lot around the corners and under balconies.

Stone Corbels

Woodworkers and Cabinet makers have been using wood corbels for years as architectural details in the kitchen, living room, dining room, you name it. The nice thing is you can use the different items where ever you want. I've seen them under mantels for fireplaces, as corner pieces in doorways, under crown molding, under cabinets, and I know someone who uses them as bookends. The first two pictures below show a couple of corbels that we sell unfinished and the picture below shows what they would look like in a kitchen setting. Corbels come in all different styles and sizes.

Grape CorbelMission Corbel

Wood Corbels

We also have wood turnings that can be used on the corners of cabinets, on tables, and islands.
Wood Turning
Can be turned into this:
Wood Turning

Appliques are a good way to add detail to a lot of different items, the example I have is for a range hood. Again, these elements are found on picture frames, armoires and furniture, directly onto a wall, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Maple AppliqueApplique

These types of products are no for everyone, but for homes with a more traditional or classical style these are a good way to make your fixtures blend in and look more like furniture that has been there forever.

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