Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Maggio ho un bicchiere di vino?"

Wine Bottle Pull!Studies have shown that a glass of wine here and there is actually good for you. Maybe that's why so many people are putting bars and wine cellars in their houses these days. No, you don't think so? Ok, well let's just say that's the reason.

It seems pretty common lately to look in any home oriented magazine and see at least one wine cellar, a section of the kitchen or a small bar area featured. New homes in particular are being built with an extra space for wine storage. Homes that are being built now seem to focus more Wine Bottle Pull!around entertaining family and friends. Kitchens are larger,more open and more functional. Mostly for the purpose of entertaining our guests. I've even seen a few magazines that show wine cellars with a kitchenette and seating in them.

All this talk about's got you thirsty doesn't it? Well it's not even noon! So you might want to wait, but in the meantime here's some really cute wine themed cabinet hardware to spruce up your bar area. Many manufacturers make knobs and pulls with either grapes or actual wine bottles, but some of these are really spectacular. There are a few with actual mother of pearl inlay, and hand painted enamel.

Wine Theme Cabinet Hardware

If you're not into the themed hardware and want a more subtle touch, there's always hand carved corbels and rosettes with a grape theme that can be incorporated right into your cabinetry or as decorative accents under your counter top.
Copper Grape CorbelCherry Wood Corbel

And, don't forget the most important Where are you going to store all of those beautiful bottles and glasses? We carry a couple of manufacturers that have open storage racks that can be installed in what is basically a cabinet without a door. These come in styles that look like a big letter X, and squares that hold individual bottles, they also have pull out racks that are installed in the cabinetry if you don't want to display your bottles. There is also an alternative to having your glasses put away in a cupboard, there are small racks that can be installed under the cabinets for easy access. Oh yeah!
Pull Out Bottle Storage

If you're remodeling or building a new home, odds are pretty good that you could use a glass of wine. Cheers to a new beautiful room!

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