Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ironing Center Sale!

Ironing centers are another item that have become popular. If you ask me, I don't really see why. But, this is coming from the girl who's ironed about a whole five times in her life. If I did iron, I'd definiately want one of these. On some of the models you can store your iron and starch (do you even use that anymore?) and the best feature is that you don't have to store a big ole ironing board under your bed or in your closet or wherever you typically hide that thing. These are always in the same spot and easily hidden.

Most of the models have to be recessed into the wall, which is a great feature because they don't stick out very far at all. And, for the less construction savy person there's even a surface mounted model.
The ironing centers come with an array of features, sort of like a car. You've got the base model let's say a Dodge Neon which is basically an ironing board, and a built in hanger. At the top of the line there's a model that has a built in light, an electrical outlet, a larger board that swivels, all the bells & whistles sort of like a Cadiallac Escalade.
Electric Ironing CenterNon-Electric Ironing Center

All of the ironing centers that we carry in stock are hinged on the right side, but we can special order them left handed or the hinge is easy to change on site. The doors are made out of an unfinished birch veneer so you can stain it or paint it the same color as your wall. I know, they're starting to sound pretty appealing aren't they? Heck, I might even get one and take up ironing. But, the best part about these is that right now through the end of September they're on Sale. Yep, it just doesn't get any better than that. Who doesn't love a sale?!
Iron A Way Sale

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