Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's In Your Closet?

Have any of you watched "MTV Cribs?" No. How about "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous?" Probably. These types of shows always intrigue me, because you get a peek into all the wonderful, crazy gadgets that are available in the world that one might not own unless they've got money to spend and nothing to spend it on. Aside from the 17 different cars in the garage, all of the houses shown have a common feature. They've usually got a humongous closet (or two.) Not only are the closets about the size of my entire house, but they've got "mad features," as they say. There's all kinds of organized storage; pull out shelves, shoe racks, pull down closet rods, jewelry drawers, towel warmers.... you name it. Of course we can't all have a closet like this, but for there's a lot a really neat items to make your closet feel like it's fit for "Cribs."

There are two color choices for most closet hardware that's available now, Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The oil rubbed bronze is a newer finish in these items, but because it has become so popular in homes today it's been added to most product lines. The one word of caution I'll make to anyone interested in Oil Rubbed Bronze closet rods is that metal hangers tend to sratch the surface of the rod. On a Chrome rod the scratching is barely noticable, but on an Oil Rubbed Bronze rod it will be something that you'll notice.

The run-of-the-mill items such as closet rods and ends come in both Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze, and they come in round or oval. As far as I can tell the only advantage to having the oval over the round is that there is less friction from the hangers on the oval rod. Other than that, it's mostly aesthetic.
Oval Chrome Closet Rod

Round Oil Rubbed Closet Rod

Round Chrome Closet Rod

Oval Oil Rubbed Closet Rod

Now for the fun stuff, we carry a company called Rev-A-Shelf and they specialize in home organization. Some of the items I'm going to talk about are new for them, so they're not uploaded to our site yet but I think they're worth mentioning.

Rev-A-Shelf makes a number of items that are extendable or pull out's, these come in various baskets, tie & belt holders, extendable hangers, and pants racks. The beauty of these is that they can be used for storage and then, pull out for easy access of the items you need.
Here are a couple of tie/belt organizers. These are universal, you can hang either ties, belts, or scarves from any of these.
Oil Rubbed Closet Pull Out

Chrome Closet Pull Out

They also make valet rods, or extendable hangers. They take up very little space inside the cabinet, but if you need to hang your clothes while your getting ready, or packing, the rod can be "whipped out" and voila you've got a ready made closet rod.

Oil Rubbed Closet Pull Out

Chrome Closet Pull Out

Pull out pants racks have been pretty big sellers for us as well, to me this is a little crazy but in all fairness this is coming from the girl who has used an iron a whole five times in her life. The pants racks can be used for dress slacks, jeans, or even skirts. The first type below is simply a pull out model for easy access. The second is a pivoting pants rack. It mounts to either the left or the right cabinet wall and then pivots front to back for access.

Chrome Pants Pull Out

Oil Rubbed Pants Pull Out

And, you've got items like pull out hampers that can be stored inside the cabinets, and wall mounted ironing centers, and also towel warmers if your closet is big enough to change in.

The last cool thing I want to talk about is a pull down closet rod. These are really cool for those of us with limited closet space. You can mount these up high where you normally wouldn't be able to reach and then pull down with the provided bar, it brings the entire closet rod down to about shoulder height. That way you can have two tiers of closet rods as opposed to one.

Pull Down Closet Rod

Regardless, whether your closet is small or huge there are some really neat space saving products to help organize and customize your space. You can turn your space into something that's envied. Think, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!

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