Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quirky Is The Word Of The Day

We all have our own quirks and silly things about us, some of the items we carry seem to fit in the "quirky" category. Now, I'm not saying they're weird or that you're weird for buying them (okay, maybe one of them is a little weird... I'll leave you to guess which one.) It's just that they don't fit the bill for being conventional.

Check out these cabinet hardware items below. Starting from the top Left is a pull by Notting Hill Hardware. They have an entire series dedicated to labeled pulls such as forks and spoons, but who ever heard of "pieces of string to short to keep?" We all have one of those junk drawers in the kitchen and what a cute way to call something "junk". The Pipe Smoking Frog by Schaub and Company is just comical. I imagine this in a study or den (or some sort of mancave.) This style frog has been around for a while, I can think of one book from childhood that has a frog who's dressed very similarly. Directly next to the frogs feet is a pewter baby face by Soko.....need I say more? OK, fine. This cherub like baby face is made from solid cast bronze and well, it wouldn't go just anywhere in ones home but I'm sure someone could find a spot for it. Perhaps Tim Burton? To the right of the baby face is a faux antler by Wilderness Treasures. These are actually pretty popular here in the Northwest, the best part about these-they're cruelty free. Wilderness Treasures has done a great job in making resin look like the real thing. The Level pull by Lewis Dolin, this is my favorite. Obviously it looks like a real level and measuring tape, and the cool thing is the measurements are correct and the level works. The not so cool thing is that you've got to have level cabinets or anyone can tell. Again, the right place for these and they'd actually be useful. I'd like to have one of these in my craft room. I wouldn't have to search for my ruler ever again.

Quirky Cabinet Hardware

Quirky doesn't stop in the kitchen, Anne at Home makes some cute hooks that are shaped like cowboy boots. They've even added an extra quirky twist, the boots come as a front half and as a back half like they're growing right out of the wall. The next time you're in a Levi's store, take a look around-you might see some of these.

Cowboy Boot Hooks

Moving on to the outside of the house, some people don't like to get as eccentric outside of their home but just in case you're one of them, there's still some pretty fun stuff for the exterior. House Art has come out with some house numbers that come in colors like Miami Mango and Key Lime, they probably wouldn't be so funky in Miami but in Denver they might. Still, in the right setting they're pretty darn cool.

Colorful Numbers

Also, for the outside of your house there's a palm tree door pull from First Impressions (hey, this wouldn't be bad with the colored numbers!) It comes in a frosted white acrylic, but First Impressions can do custom colors too. The Gecko doorbell button by Waterwood Hardware, they've paid great attention to detail and making this critter look pretty realistic. And, I bet you no one else on your block would have the steer head door knocker by JVJ.

Quirky Exterior Hardware

Hardware is definitely not boring, and with any one of these pieces you can express your personality. Have fun with the things in your life, be creative, be quirky! Sometimes, it's just a lot easier to go with the flow rather than keep up with the Jones'.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am an artist working in London. Recently I was in Venice, Italy and I saw many railings held up by hand-rail brackets shaped like little hands. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find something like that?

    If so could you please let me know at rlamarreatgmaildotcom



    1. Rebecca, unfortunately I haven't ever seen "hand" handrail brackets. Neat concept though. Good luck on your search!